From the Middle to the East

Aperitif or dinner: don't miss anything from our oriental world.



Fusion Happy-Hour

Cocktail and fine food selection
The aperitif made by El Jadida presents a huge cocktail selection from our drink list with a table service of our finest selection of Arab and Japanese cuisine. On demand we can also offer a buffet served.

Dinner across the Silk Road

The culinary experience provides for a menu from the most traditional Arabs dishes,
to the most sophisticated Japanese dishes.

Arabic Dinner

Moroccan tradition

Traveling along the Middle East
Meze, tajine and couscous: the Arab cuisine follows our tradition that sets us apart throughout Italy
for 20 years.

Japanese Dinner

Japanese innovation

Arriving at the Far East
The El Jadida sushiman is always pleased to help you in our open-plan kitchen: from rolls to sashimi, our fish is fresh and of the highest quality. And for the more curious there are also some Arab and Japanese fusion dishes.


Vegetarian dishes

In both Arabic and Japanese cuisine
We pay great attention and respect for our vegetarian and vegan costumers: our menu includes many choices without meat and derivatives, both for Arabic and Japanese cuisine.

Plan your night

You can choose at the moment whether to follow the Arab journey, the Japanese one, or to order according to your taste from both. For large groups, we would like to ask you to tell us your choice in advance.