The first arabic dream in Milan

El Jadida was born in 2000, as the first Middle Eastern restaurant in Milan. Its name reminds to the homonymous moroccan city and means “new” and during the years El Jadida has become a night life landmark for its ethnic atmosphere in Milan.

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The Sheik’s tent

Outdoor in summer, indoor in winter
Our dehoor is characteristic for the draperies that remind to an elegant Bedouin tent.
Due to its wide space it is perfect for parties, events or for large groups.

The double saloon

Elegance, relax and style
At the entrance there is the iconic saloon that has represented the place for more than twenty years and the restaurant saloon with an open-plan kitchen where you can see our sushimen.

For unforgettable parties

Book one of our private rooms with your friend group and loved ones:
we will offer you maximum privacy.

Da Vinci Room

View on Leonardo Da Vinci’s centuries-old wisteria
The story goes that Leonardo Da Vinci had developed the Navigli project under the shade of the wisteria that our private room overlooks. Don’t miss it in spring: its lilac flowers will make your evening even more suggestive.

Oasis Room

Quiet and secluded
It is located in the most intimate place of El Jadida, divided by a glass door and a hallway. That is why the Oasis Room is the perfect place for a private party.

Plan your night

At our discretion you can call us in advance and ask to reserve your favourite room. The private rooms can be booked just for large groups.